Guard Dog Training

Guard dog training

Guard dog training poses lots of challenges. It is also a great source of myths and distorted facts. People often start from the idea that any dog can be a guard dog, when this is in fact wrong. Breeds like German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Belgian Malinois, and Doberman have protection and guarding as an instinct.

They are the best at this job. However, you should be aware of the fact, that the handler or the owner needs to be hyper-sensitive and experienced with guard dogs, because they are difficult to control.

Guard dog training is achieved in specialized units, by professionals. Such dogs work as part of military projects, and they answer to the commands of trained personnel. In case you are interested in guard dog training for family and home protection, you should buy the pet when young.

Such a dog should be exposed to excellent socializing and have a very solid temperament in order to have an accurate perception of what is and what isnt a risk.

An under-socialized dog will not be able to make the difference, and a neighbors child crying may seem like an issue or threat to solve. On-going obedience training is essential for guard dog training. The dog should have its give rules, specific instructions and boundaries.

Without clear leadership, a protection dog will easily become the leader. This is how dogs become aggressive or overprotective. Guard dog training is suitable for animals that don’t get easily agitated, that have a rock solid temperament and are watchers.

Don’t let yourself convinced into guard dog training if you feel fully prepared for it. Owning a guard dog is a big responsibility that you must be aware of. Such a possession increases your liability, because its pretty much like having a loaded gun around the house. You have to answer to the law if the dog bites someone accidentally.

Watch the video below to see The Guard Dog Training Basics

Carefully assess your needs, and decide together with the other family members whether a guard dog is necessary or not. Only afterwards, when the decision is made, you need to start checking on guard dog training options.

Lots of breeds can be trained for guarding a property. They will usually bark and then set the signal to a family member. If it is not a guard dog breed, then, the training will be easier, even if the efficiency rate is acknowledged as lower. Guard dogs protect by instinct, while other breeds have to be trained into it!


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